What type of work you should avoid during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you should avoid those activities which could be harmful to you and baby. There is a shortcut away to identify to find out which work you should avoid, just avoid the works in which you have a probability to get pressure on your abdominal or you get jerking and also has a chance to fall down.

I have discussed some of this type of issues for your better understanding-

1. Bicycling:

During pregnancy, riding bicycle is not a good idea. We do not recommend you to do that during your pregnancy. There is a huge probability of fell pressure on your abdominal as well as has a possibility of jerking. You could have fallen down also.

2. Outdoor game:

Outdoor gaming like football, cricket, and hockey is best to avoid during your pregnancy. You will have a great chance to bump with other players or the ball could hit on your abdominal.

3. Hot water bath:

At this time it is better to bathe with normal temperature water rather than hot water. If you extremely need hot water then you can mix mild hot water with normal temperature water, so that the temperature keeps in safe range. Hot water could increase your body temperature as well as your baby’s temperature.

4. Theme park’s ride:

All rides are not safe for you, before taking any ride be confirm that it is safe for pregnant women. But it is better to avoid the theme park’s ride during this time, you may come after your delivery.

5. Swimming:

If you are a great swimmer or fond of swimming then it may be hard to avoid swimming but we recommend not to swim during pregnancy for the well-being of your baby and you. Swimming is one of the extreme exercises.

6. Running:

If you want to run during pregnancy then first you should take advice from your GP.

7. Household work:

The work which does not require excessive effort and has no chance to get hurt or pressure in your abdominal part, is quite safe for you. Avoid the work in which you feel uncomfortable.

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